Tax Relief Process

To help clients understand our process, 911 Tax Relief has constructed a step- by-stepprocedure to fully guide clients on the flow of our tax debt relief process.

Step 1 - Contact Us

You start the process by getting in touch with us through filling out our online form, live chatting with our professional staff, or by calling our toll free number (800.343.2925).

Step 2 - Analyze Your Case

When you contact 911 Tax Relief, a member of our Client Services department will collect pertinent information in resolving your tax problems. Then they will work closely with the enrolled tax agents of our Mediation and Resolution department to analyze your case and determine the best course of action to solve your tax problems.

Step 3 - Resolution Process

As we work with the IRS to resolve your tax situation, we will have to compare details with them to make sure that the information we have exactly matches with the information they possess. If there are discrepancies, we can take care of it right away toavoid delays.

Step 4 - Compliance Check

As part of the compliance check, we will make certain that you are up to date and current with the IRS.  We have specific methods of gathering and filing information to the IRS in compliance with their policies, making the process run faster and more smoothly.

We will present to you our case analysis as well as our proposed resolution. In the practice of transparency, we will also present to you all of the fees that have accrued during the process. When both parties have confirmed to the agreement, 911 Tax Relief will officially start working on your case.

Our experts will talk to the IRS agents directly on your behalf, with many years of experience, success ratings have always been high.

Step 5 - Case Completed

Besides the completion of your tax debt relief help, we also give professional advice on how you can plan your future tax returns to avoid being in the same difficult tax debt problem